Enterprise Solutions

Our aim is to deliver innovative, flexible, configurable cost-effective methods and solutions for well-known business venture problems, which allow our clients in saving time, improve efficiency, reduce expenses as well as optimize return-on-investment. RingWoodTechnologies provides effective ERP capabilities such as MRP, MES, product or service lifecycle management, supplier and offer chain management, business intelligence and CRM functions. Our team of trained management assists companies to find the right Enterprise Solutions and utilizes it appropriately to ensure the project leads to perceptible ROI and utmost good results. This can be done by RingWoodTechnologies Ideal Fit Enterprise Solutions and our intensive knowledge about over 200 ERP vendors.

Our Enterprise programs can drive large enhancements in the success of any organization:

At RingWoodTechnologies we can easily assist you to understand your company goals, competitor surroundings and customer requirements. Through structured organizational procedure and our detailed comprehension of online strategies, we recommend an online method that matches your enterprise goals and current internal processes. We also make sure your online activities easily match entire marketing, advertising and strategic business plans.

Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS):

Benefits of using our ECS � offers higher accessibility solutions that enable you to utilize in a risk-free and manageable approach & personalized with flexible configurations. RingWoodTechnologies Supports complete application lifecycle in a single cloud deployment portfolio to suit your business requirements at the perfect time in the suitable place and for the right cost.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Organizations often search for methods to customize online experiences through resources such as email organizers, help-desk software and various sorts of enterprise applications. At RingWoodTechnologies, CRM can be used to tackle B2B (Business to business) relationships. Information tracked in a CRM system contains company�s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, social media, and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

RingWoodTechnologies is familiar with creating solutions particular to our customer�s scenario in order to take full advantage of their ERP assets. We check and control well-known ERP solutions through Oracle E-Business Suite PeopleSoft as well as SAP to assist you manage expenses, improve ERP efficiency and also boost support levels.

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Supply Chain Management assists you to develop and supply products superior, quicker, as well as less expensive. At RingWoodTechnologies we include everything from creation to product development and the information systems necessary to direct undertakings.

Customer Experience Management (CEM):

The goal of CEM is �the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.� It is a strategy that requires process change and many technologies to accomplish.

Methods to be a successful Customer Experience Management:

  • Create and manage entire customer profiles.
  • Personalize all client interactions.
  • Get the suitable information to the right place at the perfect time.