We provide Services on Resource Staffing& IT Service Management Agreements. Over 70% of Genesis’s employees are IT Consultants, Pre-Sales Architects, Project Managers and Service Engineers.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services guarantees high reliability, round-the-clock availability, remote manageability and optimum scalability. Our domain expertise spans diverse set of systems and technologies. Clients can leverage RingWoodTechnologies’s service delivery centers to avail proactive and cost-effective solutions and gain quick return on IT infrastructure investments.

On Demand IT Services

For small and medium-sized companies with occasional IT needs, it is hard to justify the costly.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises have similar departments and systems in common and enterprise software is often

Applying a collaborative approach with you to establish holistic, business-driven solutions for your IT architecture.
Understanding your initial vision to help identify an ideal end-state that includes input from every business unit.
Specializing in resolving business issues and achieving the objectives you need to accomplish.


We are offering Infrastructure Management Services to huge clients through a specialized and dedicated team of system administrators and IT industry experts. The key salient feature of our IaaS is our flexibility to provide various cost models to accompany our state-of-the-art service; Pay-as-you-go, Fixed Annual Price, Monthly pricing etc. This allows our clients to select the most suitable customized model that aligns with their business model and corporate culture.

Digital Transformation


Our leverages its strong competency in Digital Transformation, Marketing, Ideal Business Consulting and solid technical experience in digital technologies to enhance essential methods such as sales, customer experience and cost of Digital Commerce Functions for its customers.

Testing Services


We are Tool builders, Innovators and Service focused. We merge business domain expertise, Tools/Platforms experience and Test discipline efficiency. We provide end-to-end application testing solutions, such as: System & Integration Testing, Well-designed Testing, End to End Testing, User interface & Usability Testing..

Enterprise Solutions


Our aim is to deliver innovative, flexible, configurable cost-effective methods and solutions for well-known business venture problems, which allow our clients in saving time, improve efficiency, reduce expenses as well as optimize return-on-investment. We provides effective ERP capabilities such as MRP, MES, product or service..

Our Customer Says

"We produce comprehensive mapping of consumers' relationships with communications across bought, owned & earned media based on bespoke insight. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam hendrerit lacus mattis orci fermentum mollis iaculis. "